Project G.I.F.T. is always looking for experienced health professionals. If you have already worked or would like to do volunteer medical work in a developing country, and if our organization fits your profile, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our work

Each year, from December to May, we organize mobile medical clinics of two weeks duration. Our groups comprise between two and ten health professionals.

A typical day for the G.I.F.T. team


We arrive at our destination about 8 AM and prepare the medical supplies and rooms that will be used for our consults. We use buildings offered by the village, i.e. town hall, community center, school, private home. We begin seeing patients about 9 AM. Complicated cases, or those needing further care, are referred to a small hospital in Panajachel, where G.I.F.T. assumes their treatment. G.I.F.T. takes care of the majority of (if not all) additional costs for those people. We take about an hour for lunch and a meal is offered to all the volunteers. We finish about 5 PM, return to Panajachel, and drop each volunteer at his/her lodging.

What should you expect?

Volunteering with G.I.F.T. is a very enriching experience. The Maya population is warm and affectionate. The work is intense and very gratifying. A large number of people have no access to healthcare, so consulting a volunteer G.I.F.T. worker will often be the only opportunity available to them to try to resolve a medical problem.


We would not have accomplished anything without our past volunteers, thank you very much!